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Crawley Creek by Lori King

Crawley Creek
Crawley Creek Series
In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?
Reading Order:
Forget Me Knot
Beginnings (Prequel)
Rough Ride Romeo
Claiming His Cowgirl
Sunnyside Up
Hawke’s Salvation
Handcuffed by Destiny
The Lawman’s Lover (Cuffed & Claimed Anthology)
Paw Prints on Her Heart
Dust on the Bottle
What’s to come for Crawley Creek?
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Dust on the Bottle 
(Crawley Creek Sister Story-Hell Yeah Kindle World Crossover)
Freelance Photographer Monica McCray has one goal, never pass up an adventure. Coming to Crawley Creek Ranch, she finds one.
Kyler DeWitt’s inner demons are close to killing him. Booze and self-pity leave him a ticking time-bomb.
When these two forces collide, a passion like no other ignites. Now Monica realizes the adventure she wants includes North Dakota roots, but will she be enough to keep Kyler grounded or will she be just like the dust on one of his bottles?




Paw Prints on Her Heart 
Scarred by war, broken by heartbreak, Payton Storm is a lost cause, until Dr. Luke Gillian offers her a chance to start over. With an accident prone service dog, and a belligerent teenager, this couple has more than their share pulling them apart, but fate won’t take no for an answer.


The Lawman’s Lover 
(Crawley Creek Sister Story)
A fling. No strings attached. No plans for the future.
Until someone’s heart gets broken.
Find out how Deputy Colby Bricker and waitress Elizabeth Newcomer take their shared past and build a new future, in this sister story to the Crawley Creek Ranch Series.




Handcuffed By Destiny (Book 6) 
A broken woman…a man of honor…and a mountain to climb. Rescued from the brutality of human traffickers by the sexy Sheriff Brandon Bowers, Destiny is struggling to overcome her fear of life, as well as her desire for her rescuer. They say that love conquers all, but can it also overcome the horrors of PTSD?
Hawke’s Salvation (Book 5)
Can a girl with trust issues accept a man who hides his emotions behind sarcasm and innuendos? How long can they deny the sparks flying between them? Will Hawke be Jeanette’s downfall, or will she be his salvation?
Sunnyside Up (Book 4)
One problem after another forced Lacy and Drannon into a humorous wedding in Las Vegas. Now that they are back home at Crawley Creek, Drannon wants to give Lacy the reception she dreamed of. However, good intentions never go unpunished as their happy day is beset by issues. All the residents of Crawley Creek are praying things turn sunny side up in time for the wedding of the decade.
Claiming His Cowgirl (Book 3)
Long lost loves have a second chance.
Two heartbroken lovers will confront their past. Will they cause each other more heartache, or will this cowboy finally be able to claim his cowgirl?
Rough Ride Romeo (Book 2) 
A petite brunette with a feisty temper, and a playboy ranch owner who has no plans to settle down. Closing the gap between these two wounded souls could mean surviving tragedy. Will their determination to hide their pain from themselves be their downfall, or will they come through this rough ride together?
Forget Me Knot (Book 1)
Will this vacation into the heart of cattle country turn out to be a mistake, or will Lacy and Drannon find their future in each other?
Beginnings (Prequel)
Abraham and Seraphina Crawley have loved each other since they were fifteen years old. Abe has never doubted the strength of their bond, and together they’ve planted roots and built a successful ranch. But when Seraphina receives disturbing news that will impact the rest of their lives, she finds herself unable to tell the man she loves…




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